Paul Noble at The Laing Art Gallery

Or as my brother put it ‘It’s the poo man!’

I was impressed by Noble’s work more than anything else currently on at the Laing. This included a blown up photo of Kanye West as Jesus in their ‘Divine Bodies’ exhibit which was particularly disappointing; but the thought of Noble sat embroidering a cow having a shit somehow appealed to me.

The tapestry brings out both a childish and old-age side in the viewer; through the contrast of subject matter and the medium. I also enjoyed the 3D models of Noble’s world. Made of wood and plaster, the sculptures are a contorted mess of colours and textures.

Noble may have some kind of internal compulsion to create towerblocks of literal crap; but it is also an obvious comment on the modern world. There are other odd and seemingly random elements which make up what Noble has named ‘Nobson’, yet his depictions of poo are probably the most memorable.


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