I had to follow up the meeting that I went to this morning with some therapeutic stationary shopping. Next week is going to be chaos. I start college and Open University courses, I have a review and now two previews to write and I have a playwriting course to prepare for. I’m excited.

Today I received the specifics of what I will be previewing for Juice Cuckoo Review. I’m going to write about an interesting sounding show at the Theatre Royal called ‘Dr Mullins and the Case of the Elephant in the Dock’. The show includes scenes set in the backstage areas of the Theatre Royal. As the title suggests, it also features an elephant charged with murder (it is a genuine true story). I’m particularly interested in theatre at the moment as I am in the middle of writing about two plays; and I have got into the Live Theatre’s Writer’s Group. 

I will also be writing about the Accessible Arts events at the Juice Festival. Something that seems particularly important to me. It is the first year that Juice has organised workshops specifically for children with learning disabilities. I am pleased to be writing about it.

I will blog about this more later, but right now my brain is itchy with ideas, and I need to go write some of them down in my brand new notebooks.


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