Some people jump out of planes for adrenaline. It turns out all I need to do is conduct an interview. However, despite the stress of preparation: the paranoid checking and re-checking of facts, and then coming up with some vaguely-intelligent sounding questions; before actually having to do it, it was still overall an enjoyable experience. I must admit that was due mostly to such friendly and enthusiastic subjects, who answered by questions (whether good or bad) with interesting and articulate answers. I was also relieved that I actually managed to work out how to use my dictaphone.

I am writing a preview of ‘Dr Mullins and the Case of the Elephant in the Dock’, for the Juice Festival. That is what led me to a tea-house near Northern Stage (which sold over twenty types of tea. I was woefully tedious and just went for ordinary breakfast tea); in order to interview Cinzia Hardy, Fiona Ellis, Benedict Martin and Charlotte Sisson from November Club. They had a range of responsibilities for the show, as creative director, writer, associate director and actors. This allowed me to interview them about the many dimensions of their latest piece. If you want to read what I wrote about the show, it will be in ‘Culture Magazine’ next month.





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