Susan Lincoln at the Biscuit Factory

Dates:  September 2013 onwards

Painting in the isolation of the Cumbrian countryside, has allowed Susan Lincoln a unique viewpoint. She uses her rural surroundings to inform her own stylized and brightly coloured world. Her sweeping hills and forests of round trees are mostly populated by whimsical animals mounted on elongated legs and with luminous bodies. The few human figures in her paintings stumble across the canvas amongst the crooked houses, and dominating, multi-coloured landscapes. Vibrant red and blue paths lead the viewer deeper into the paintings. Meanwhile, the block primary colours she uses for her skies, allow for a contrast that emphasises the bustling activity of the world below it.

Lincoln paints in acrylic, but uses smudges that look like watercolour, with highlights of clearly defined spots and lines. Each painting is refreshingly different, yet still in her distinctive style. She has a knack for depicting the eccentric qualities of the English countryside (and those that inhabit it); which is missing from many more traditional landscape paintings.


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