Comfort Songs

Comfort Songs

Title: Comfort Songs
Artist: Cloud
Released: 5 August 2013
Label: Audio Antihero
Available at:

I have just finished listening to Cloud’s third LP: “Comfort Songs”. It is a beautifully crafted album, both lyrically and melodically; yet the moment that has stuck with me the most is an interlude between two of their songs. I am talking about the monotone repetition, alongside the sway of a metronome, of the line “Hell is forgetting. Always remember to smile.” It was a truly eerie moment, something few bands could manage even if creepiness was their primary objective. For Cloud however, it is only one small part of a much larger collage of sound.
Overall the music is more like an intelligently crafted collage than an album. I’m not talking about a crappy scrapbook collage here, but more like one of Andre Breton’s carefully thought out surrealist works. I love the way one song blends into another, and yet the band still manage to make the music flow into a wide variety of shapes and genres. There are hints of so many styles in the album: choral layering of voices, long introductions, chants, guitar riffs, piano solos, hints of jazz, pop, rock, folk, anti-folk…I could keep going, but maybe instead you should just listen to it! It is all added to further by haunting lyrics that vary from describing emotional instability, to questioning the meaning of life.


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