Americana 2

Americana 2

Title: Americana 2
Artist: Zafsmusic and Mark Goodvibes
Label: bbe
Release Date: 12th November 2013
Available Soon at:

I always like to try out something new. As mostly a rocker, Americana funk and soul was definitely something new to me. It was always going to be difficult for me to adjust my tastes accordingly. So it was fortunate that my first experience of Americana was such an eclectically chosen album.
As I listened something strange happened. I began to realise that not only had I heard some of these songs before; but it dawned on me that the sounds of funk are actually very present in contemporary music. I recognised the beats and sounds from music that I am more familiar with. Rock, indie, alternative and contemporary R&B all have their roots in some of the songs in this album. It truly is a musical education, and one that I would recommend to many different audiences.
This is Zafsmusic and Mark Goodvibes Taylor’s second collection of Americana. They pride themselves in using both electronic and acoustic instruments. They also draw on music that is not necessarily strictly Americana on this album, such as music from the UK.


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