Bespoke Future

Bespoke Future

Title: Bespoke Future
Artist: Hartley and Wolf
Label: bbe
Release Date: 18th November 2013
Available Soon at:

‘Hartley and Wolf’ have a knack for producing something new out of the chaos of music history. They cut up a variety of styles, from classical and electronica to soul and funk, in order to mix up a cocktail of new sound. The result hits you in the face right from the first listen. It could have easily have been a mess of wildly different styles; yet instead the sound has been crafted into waves of immediacy and heavy impact sound.
The beats of each song cover a wide range of rhythms and instruments. The only thing that they all have in common is that they are all catchy. Each song promises to get you dancing in a new way.
Voices and electronic organs play a large part in many of the songs. The strong vocals give each song its main flavour, and are then added to by the other musicians. As well as voice and electronic instruments many more classical and jazz instruments are also used. They all play a part in making the powerful sound of the album.
The album could easily cater for fans of a wide variety of music and bands. Electronica bands it reminds me of include ‘Fat Boy Slim’ and ‘The Prodigy’. My knowledge of soul music is severely stunted, stretching to maybe include the ‘Jackson Five’. Yet this album has got me interested. As ‘Hartley and Wolf’ incorporate so many styles into their work, the album could appeal to a wide audience. This gives it the ability to introduce a wide variety of people to new musical styles. That can never be a bad thing.


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