Straight from the Dick

Title: Straight from the Dick

By: Super Adventure Club

Label: Armellodie Records

Released: 2nd December 2013

‘Super Adventure Club’ describe themselves as creators of “memorable hooks and surrealist lyrical imagery”, using “Giddy brain melting wrong-pop”; yet mostly their album is about dicks. To be fair to them, they do have a few interesting points to make on the subject.

Bruce Wallace (guitar and vocals) sings about objectum- sexuality (a disorder where people fall in love with non-human, and occasionally inanimate objects), in ‘Between a Sock and a Hard Place”. It makes for an interesting song, which ends in the repetition of the highly creepy line ‘dog with two dicks’ (a reference to Selvi Kumar who was in love with his dog).

The rest of the album is a ferocious and chaotic blast of music. In places it sounds like the band has taken traditional Scottish sounds and electrified them. Their accents also give them an eerie similarity with Biffy Clyro; but a Biffy Clyro that has been a warped into a distorted quirkiness. And with an obsessive focus on dicks.

It is odd, angry music about the range of strange humans to be found in modern life.

And dicks.


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