Biscuit Factory- Highlights Winter 2013/14

karen lainson

Karen Lainson makes ceramics with a distinctive, worn-out charm. Her animals look as if they are made of some kind of complex origami, due to the aged-parchment texture she adds to them.

matthew wkk

Matthew Ellwood mostly produces paintings of local places, spiralled into high towers. However in his latest paintings showing at the Biscuit Factory, he has also included a fantastical piece entitled ‘Tower of Fable’. This is perhaps a hint at his activities outside painting…quest based game playing maybe…

Patricia Volk

Patricia Volk creates abstract ceramics. The Blue and white, smooth shapes of her work emit vibes of calmness and a depth of dreams. As a result her pieces draw you in, making your eyes go over and over the aesthetically pleasing texture of her ceramics.


Rayford paints in bright acrylics. Clouds are made up of neat swirls of red and white paint, but below the sky his painting is less orderly. Buildings recognisable from around Newcastle are bent and twisted out of shape. The result is an unsettling combination of the instantly recognisable and abstract shapes.

helen martino

Helen Martino decorates quaint ceramic pieces with repeated motifs of tiny blue hands. Gold paint is also used in large quantities, leaving her delicate figures with a faint sparkle. Most of the pieces are of romantic couples relaxing together. There is a sense of warm contentment throughout.

wendy kershaw

Wendy Kershaw makes intricate slab pots, painted with her own unique figures and motifs. They are navy and delicately mournful. Light is provided by the shapes of thorns on the long stems of her roses. In other places tone is provided by blue scratches.

kirtsy grifiin

Kirsty Griffin makes beautifully detailed pictures from scraps of fabric. She decorates them further by screen-printing and painting onto the materials. The pictures detail natural scenes and everyday objects.


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