Future Legend Records #3

Title: The Future Legend Records Singles Album

By Various Artists

Label: Future Legend Records

Re-released: 2013

This album is a collection of both alternative recordings of movie tunes; and other music that Future Legend Records and its artists have created over the years. The songs are all produced by Russell C. Brennan, the man who runs Future Legend Records.

As I was only born in 1993- the year Future Legend Records was first formed- I failed to recognise most of the songs on this album. However I feel that this has enabled me to be objective about the music, rather comparing the tracks to the originals.

The album’s sound ranges from the gorgeous voice, amazingly capable of expressing emotion, of Eleanor Rigby; to the trippy, psychedelic sound of Psykick Holiday. Each new track is very different from the previous one, enabling the album to be kept fresh throughout.

The wide collection of artists of this album, culminate to form a historical record of the bands and solo artists FLR have worked with so far. It shows off the range of styles and voices that have made the company a success. It is definitely worth a listen, whether or not you have seen the movies that many of the tracks originated in.


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