Future Legend Records #5

This is the final blog I will be writing about Future Legend Record’s 20th Anniversary. Future Legend Records was founded in 1993 by Russell C. Brennan, and is still going strong today. Their 20th anniversary has been marked by re-issues of their classics, and Brennan’s cult book ‘Music Business Bastards’.  There have also been tracks that have been released for the first time, after being hidden for years.

The end of their celebrations sees the release of 4 singles; three for Christmas and a charity single in support of world AIDS day (1st Dec).

All of these singles are available to download on itunes.

I Want to Sleep With You- Box Office Poison

This single is a prime example of Box Office Poison’s dreamy sound. Airy layers of melody and harmony are piled on to create almost creepy, choir-like music. The lyrics discuss love and sexual attraction, relevant to world AIDS day.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence- Box Office Poison

This cover of the theme of the classic 80’s film takes the track in a new direction. This version of powered by punk cello and synthesiser echoes. It is nevertheless instantly recognisable.

Kiss Me Quickly It’s Christmas- Eleanor Rigby

This single is not the best example of Rigby’s vocals; they seem more wobbly than usual. However it is still a catchy track.

Mad Christmas- Eleanor Rigby

This track shows off the smooth power of Rigby’s voice much better. She is accompanied by a quirky riff.  The song could easily be danced to at a Christmas party, especially for those who want something a little different.


eleanor Rigby


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