The Tip of My Tongue

Title: The Tip of My Tongue

By: Trezza Azzopardi

Publisher: Seren

Released: 2013

The Mabinogion is a collection of Welsh tales from medieval times. Unfortunately they are often overlooked as a source of information on well-known legendary figures such as King Arthur; but also a huge and rich cast of lesser known characters. Aiming to fight against this lack of recognition, Seren commissioned a re-telling of the eleven stories of the Mabinogion. ‘The Tip of My Tongue’ by Trezza Azzopardi is one of the novels that were produced as a result.

By making her a child, Azzopardi brings the ancient figure of Enid to life. Azzopardi uses the ‘weapon’ of her tongue to provide an unreliable and humorous narration of the re-telling. Although inquisitive, Enid often doesn’t understand the tragic events that are gradually surrounding her. Her misunderstanding of situations often leads her to describe dark and brutal scenes with a lack of emotion. Juxtaposing a childish voice with horrible events, makes the book chilling as well as funny. It is this initial lack of comprehension that allows Enid to demand information. Through curiosity and many mistakes she begins the process of growing up.

Azzopardi has skilfully re-worked the original text into something fascinating, and well-written. It is also an inspirational book: as a result of reading it I will definitely also be reading both the original text, and the other re-tellings published by Seren.





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