The Door (2009) (Mads Mikkelsen)

This is the first week of my ‘Hannibal Season 2 Countdown’. If you want to join in, next Friday I will be writing a review of Hysteria (2011) which stars Hugh Dancy (HE INVENTS THE VIBRATING DILDO IN IT-that’s got to make it worth watching).


the door

‘The Door’ is a gloriously disturbing film. It is essentially about lying, cheating and ultimately killing to protect your family; but the film takes a very unique standpoint to examine these themes.Mads Mikkelsen plays David, a painter of distorted faces that are almost pulled apart by fishing hooks. These dark images that he produces, also resonate throughout the film’s plot.

David is having sex with his mistress (yes Mikkelsen looks good at it-adding a new layer to Hannigram fantasies), when his daughter bashes her head and falls into a swimming pool. David is then tortured by the grim fact that if he had been where he was supposed to be; he would have been able to prevent his daughter’s death. His guilt consumes him and his suburban lifestyle is destoyed. His wife leaves him, he looses his house and he can no longer paint. He fades, over the years, into the vague grey of a chronic depression, always sinking deeper and deeper. That is when he finds the door.

The door is a passage to another universe, several years out of sync with our universe, which gives David an opportunity to take back what he did and save his daughter. It is also a door to confusion, further guilt and murder.

Like David’s paintings, the face of this film twists and turns with character’s desperate to escape themselves. The photography is gracefully chilling, to the point where it is uncomfortable to watch. Yet the fascinating string of events compel you to be unable to look away.



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