Hannibal Countdown Week 3- The Hunt (2012) Mads Mikkelsen

hunt 2


Title: The Hunt

Directed By: Thomas Vinterberg

After the hilarity of last week’s ‘Hysteria’; ‘The Hunt’ appeared especially and unforgivingly dark. There is a sinister hum reaching from its seemingly innocent opening scenes, up to its grim end.

The film depicts the brutality and isolation caused by a modern day witch hunt. Mads Mikkelsen plays Lucas, a man accused of indecent exposure to a young girl. His life is ripped apart by the accusation, and his downfall makes a painful watch, even when the viewer is still unsure of his guilt. It is a film that shows without doubt, that reputation still means something.

Both Mikkelsen and the young actor, Annika Wedderkop, perform with uncompromising and amazing skill throughout.  By the end of the film, I was impressed as well as devastated. I couldn’t get the close ups of both Mikklesen and Wedderkop’s faces out of my head, for the rest of the evening.

It is a difficult watch, and I’m finding it even harder to write about. It really gets under your skin, but that’s what makes it vital viewing.


Next week is something a little lighter, though still with challenging themes: Adam (2009), starring Hugh Dancy.



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