Armellodie Records 2014 highlights

James Blunt- hating, Scottish indie label ‘Armellodie Records’ have released a free compilation of tracks; as an indication of what we can look forward to from them in 2014. Here are some of the highlights:

Saint Max & The Fanatics- Afraid of Love

High-pitched explosions from their vocalist are dotted throughout the track. These delighted wails are maintained alongside 60s-style rhythmic guitar. ‘Afraid of Love’ is a combination of styles, and the pace differs throughout; yet it still manages to remain fresh. The song makes further ‘Saint Max& The Fanatics’ s releases an exciting prospect for 2014.

Gastric Band- Brad Shitt

A rather obvious play on ‘Brad Pitt’s’ name nevertheless gives way to an interesting and independent track. The music wavers in and out of your consciousness. It takes the listener from dreamy music-scapes; to something that vaguely resembles reality; and then onto ground that is definitely paved with nightmares. Going with the title’s theme, it could certainly be the soundtrack for a dramatic climax of a (considerably disturbing) film.

Galoshins- Bleeps

This is the trippiest track on a very odd compilation (don’t get me wrong- I live for the strange).  It sounds almost like the narration of a lively space-war. I have to admit that I can’t understand what the lyrics are, or if they are even words; yet it all fits into the track. It is a short blast of sound that keeps you going, and I am anxious to hear more from this band.

The Hazey Janes- The Darkness Ends

This track hit me due to its contrast with the rest of the compilation. It sounds like it should have come out of Texas, or at the end of an episode of ‘Justified’. It doesn’t quite click with the evident Scottish accents and distinctive vigour found in the other songs; yet it is just as immediate as the other tracks and displays similar heightened emotions.



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