Adam (2009) Hannibal Countdown Week 4

Title: Adam

Starring: Hugh Dancy

Released: 2009

‘Adam’ is a romantic comedy that is more heart-wrenching than heart-warming. It tells the story of the difficult romantic relationship between Beth and Adam. Beth is an attractive young teacher who slowly falls for the equally attractive, space-obsessed Adam (played by Hugh Dancy). Adam has aspergers and is struggling with life after his dad dies suddenly. Meanwhile Beth is struggling to find a meaning in life, as well as with the involvement of her father in a court case. The plot is predicatable: in that Beth gradually teaches Adam how to have a relationship, and Adam shows Beth a fresh way to look at life. Yet despite its predicability, it is still a demanding watch that examines some vital questions about living with aspergers; as well as having relationships with those who do.

Everytime Adam makes a mistake or misjudges the things people around him say, the viewer realises how stupid some of these everyday phrases are anyway. Via his relationship with Beth, and renewed interest in the ‘real’ world, watching the film also allows the viewer to examine life in a fresh way.

‘Adam’ is ultimately uplifting and shows the viewer that a different way at looking things isn’t necessarily the wrong way of looking at things. It shows that everyone can learn a lot from people with aspergers; and others who struggle to interpret the incredibly narrow way that the majority define as the ‘normal’ world.



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