Fur-Lined Ghettos (Issue 4)

Title: Fur-Lined Ghettos

By: (Editors) Sophie Essex and Andrew Hook

‘Fur-Lined Ghettos’ is woven from hedonistic words. The poems are all clear descendents of the beat poets; and the magazine is comparable to one of Ginsberg’s chapbooks. However this doesn’t prevent the poems of each contributor from being highly individual and innovative.

Intensely personal themes and independent creative styles flow freely from one poem to another. Themes of drugs, self-harm and madness are all delivered with a precise rhythm. This rhythm binds the poems together, but also allows for change of pace and tempo. It has the effect of standing outside a club and listening to the beat of the blasting music; sensing the change between tracks due to their varied bassline.

Experiments are tried out amongst each poet’s work. They are fleeting and playful, changing and twisting themselves, even within each individual poem. Even the most experimental poems still have that irresistable beat that continues throughout the magazine. They are the kind of poems that could be performed in a manic slur of words.




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