Brave Mountains

brave mountains

Title: Brave Mountains

By: Appletop

Label: Armellodie Records

Released: 2014

It is easy to draw comparisons within indie music; but ‘Appletop’ are one of the few bands that can actually live up to these comparisons. So here it goes: there are enough rapidly strummed and blistering chord changes for ‘Arctic Monkeys’ to pop into my head as a immediate reference point. Yet with a second, closer, listen; the psychadelic grit of the album is more comparable to other dreamy indie staples like ‘The Horrors’ or ‘Two Door Cinema Club’. In this style the lyrics are crooned lazily, drifting through on a lilo of harmonics (occasionally punctured by harsh vocal contrasts). The album would certainly be perfect for any music lover looking to expand their collection of psychadelic indie albums.

Of course ‘Brave Mountains’ does also have many moments of originality, especially within the lyrics. My favourite track on the album is ‘Nikolai’. It is a slow song, with the guitar riffs tuned right down to melodic strumming. However it is the lyrics, which slide alongside the music slick with sexual tension, that really get to me on every listen.

So buy this album for music that sneaks up on you with quiet, though intricate, dark suggestion…before it slaughters you with heavy guitar playing, and lyrics crackling with all kinds of energy.

P.S. Yes that is a good thing.





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