Title: Inviolate

By: Sara Park

Publisher: Diamond Twig Press

Released: 2011

Sara Park has that rare skill: to depict her dark fantasies within poetry that isn’t pretentious, and instead highly creative. She had an ability for describing things an original fashion, so thorough that she could convince her readers that they must have heard her inventive turns of phrase before. Park then takes this opportunity- of the reader being completely absorbed in her words- to suddenly bring them back to earth, in order to make an equally beautiful point about feminism, or travel, or writing, or other wide branches of life. As a result, her poetry has an intense and honest vividness.Everything she describes comes packaged in sharp images- like the strategic use of bright lighting and camera angles in an independent or art film. The collection is also flecked with wisdom from a very well-lived life.

In this way Park actively nurtures curiosity and the desire to fantasize in all of her readers. Her honesty doesn’t allow for feelings of shame, even when referring to the most private moments of her life.

The collection ends with a prose account of Park’s experience of travelling to Guatemala at the age of 64. The account reflects the poems and adds to their narrative, but it is well placed at the end of the collection so that the reader can form their own conclusions about Park’s poetry before reading it. As it is a posthumous collection it is unlikely that we will hear any more from such an inspiring woman. That makes me sad.





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