By: Tom Jenks

Publisher: if p then q

Released: 2010

In this collection of poetry, Jenks manipulates the voices of various fragmented characters. These voices present a widespread confusion; often reminiscent of the disordered speech patterns of someone with a brain injury. In places this techniques gives way to pure word vomit; although even these areas hit emotional targets in the way that an abstract painting can. There are also suggestions that Jenks considers the collection as a hoard of words. He comments on “way you lean against temporary hoarding”.

Jenks makes a theme of defacing well-known names like ‘Bobby Charlton’ or ‘Nabokov’. Yet in places he sounds like Yoda (due to his phrasing); or a poetical Noel Fielding. However Jenks does have a sense for the surreal; and enough focus on tiny details to follow it through with moments of vivid description. Although these moments are brief amongst the labyrinth of disjointed sentences; they still manage to take on a wide range of themes. Jenks covers themes of the dichotomies of modern life, feminism, iconic film images and the fake kingdom of celebritaries.

* is a harrowing read, mostly due to the alienating disconnection of words it is made up of. The collection reads like a series of clues about life- and it is this sense of mystery that makes the collection so exciting.




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