Goodbye Cagoule World

Title: Goodbye Cagoule World

By: Benjamin Shaw

Released: 2014

Label: Audio Antihero

Benjamin Shaw orchestrates a chaotic entrance to his album. After a moment of silence,the sound splutters in with pre-recorded rhetoric. Icy daggers of music then grow from these first fuzzy words.

Sung lyrics are eventually introduced, following the accomanying patterns of elongated violin strokes. The lyrics are often harrowing and reference mental health issues, including the trap of agrophobia, repeating: “Because you never leave the house.” These simmering words add to the crinkles, quirks and beeps that make the album sound like it is being transmitted from a post-apocalyptic world. Although in other places the music does calm down into a slow, but rhythmic saddness.

As a result of all this, the album is a confusing combination of wild emotions- but that isn’t a bad thing. The music takes the listener with the sound, through blasts of emotion, that are still quivering in the listener’s head when the next wave of feeling hits them. It is a compulsive listen and should be heard as a complete body of work, from start to finish; something uncommon amongst the contemporary hunger for itunes single tracks.



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