Epigraphs- Chrissy Williams

Title: Epigraphs

By: Chrissy Williams

Publisher: If p then q

Released: March 2014

Epigraphs is exactly what the name suggests- a collection of various quotes that could be used as epigraphs. The range of the quotes covers authors, characters in novels, films, TV, comic books, interviews with famous people and social neworking posts. The art of the book is hidden in the arrangement of these quotes. They are not always linked thematically, yet they still manage to run on from each other in a cohesive narrative of sorts.

Chrissy Williams has taken advantage of a massive range of influences in order to create something fascinating. The book also has cultural relevance- showing how all of these pressing bites of information that surround us everyday can all be classfied as being about one thing- LIFE.





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