Title: Fruit

By: Terry Cree

Publisher: Two Rivers Press

Released: 2014

I wasn’t enthralled by the naturalistic front-cover, but Terry Cree quickly drew me in with his delightful use of words and immaculate pencil sketches. Cree’s use of language and images feed off each other to make an unusual book.

Extended metaphors and epic poems are plentiful in the collection. Alongside these, Cree seems to have used his role as an english teacher to inform his use of a wide range of poetic devices. Cree’s reminisances and cultural references are bound by precise adherence to poetic structures.

Choosing the title and theme of ‘Fruit’ has allowed Cree to look at a massive variety of topics including the fall of man, fertility and acts of god. His words and images reflect on all of nature as well as the frequent references to fruit. He often personifies these natural forces- creating a kind of omnipotent presence of a god that is inside all of nature.

My favourite poem in the collection is “The Consolidation of Walls”. It is about isolation and desperation. The bouncing of the ball reminds me of scenes from ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘House’.

“There is a wall inside me against which

I have been kicking a small rubber ball

For years”





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