Chris Devotion and The Expectations- Break Out

Title: Break Out

By: Chris Devotion and the Expectations

Label: Armellodie Records

Release date: 2nd June 2014

Break Out opens with a satisfying pure-guitar riff. Each track follows this example and quickly whisks you away into classic pop/rock oblivion.

Some of the tracks come out like a love child of early Greenday and the Libertines. Maybe a love child born in the late 90s/early 2000s that has just grown to glorious maturity in the form of this album.

In places the lyrics bob up above the melody and touch base with the listener through themes of failed relationships and idealisation of the future. However the music is mostly about open expanses of guitar riffs and Elvis-style howls.

Break Out is an inspiring flashback of a listen, filled with familiar qualities that will take you right back to when…. yet sustaining itself as an original piece of work at the same time.

Overall it is an album for anyone who has experienced heart break…so pretty much everyone!Image




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