Hoofs by Holly Pester

Title: Hoofs

By: Holly Pester

Publisher: if p then q

Released: 2011

Some parts of this book are unreadable, but others are bewilderingly fascinating. It is rare to find a book that it is possible to hate AND love so much.

Pester uses this volume to examine how technology has destroyed lanaguage use, whilst perhaps improving other elements of human existence. Some parts read like a malfunctioning computer program, such as the final poem of the collection- “NEWS PIECE (ongoing)”.

Pester also takes the opportunity to look at Harold Pinter and his technique of tape-recorder fidelity. The (barely) narrative piece “HAROLD PINTER’S NOBEL PRIZE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH” seems to make fun of Pinter’s faithfullness to realistic discourse by exaggerating his techniques. This piece continues Pester’s exploration of the use of technology, as due to illness Pinter’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech was played as a video at the ceremony.

In “I Rave Thee Cont” Pester looks at celebritary and meaningless questions that the public asks of artists. This is another theme that links in with her exploration into modern language use in a technological world.

Pester also plays around with the apperance of a poetry collection. She somehow makes language look unappealing as a structure, possibly through use of repetition and unfinished or misspelt words. The entire collection is vaguely irritating- but it is this irritation that makes the reader look into Pester’s points. Repetition also carrys through to the six pages taken over by a phallic diagram in the piece “EFFORT NOISIER”. She also uses repetative symbols such as arrows in other parts of the book.




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