By: Bruno Neiva

Publisher: Knives, Forks and Spoons Press

Released: 2014

Bruno Neiva rips, tears and glues cardboard together to form canvas and subject matter in one go. He then makes technological, yet vaguely primative markings onto the pieces. Accompanying typewritter letters are splats and crude shapes in paint. There are also mug rings and technical drawings scratched onto the collaged surfaces.

Some of the cardboard forms are obviously made from Amazon-style packages. This could be a metaphor for the creative process- taking things in, maybe the things in the packages, and then catapulting art back into the world.

Some of the pieces, such as “How to mend an averbal.3” use indecipherable letters, collaged together. These are an interesting comment on the limit of words as a means of communication.

Neiva’s work shows that art can be made on any surface. It holds aesthetic retro qualities alongside abstract shapes and inferences

about a baffling world.Image






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