The White Trail


Title: The White Trail
By: Fflur Dafydd
Publisher: Seren
Released: 2011

Fflur Dafydd has a unique, almost lyrical, writing style. Her interpretation of the Welsh legend “How Culhwch Won Olwen” is frequently murky in plot, but the flashes between time and place eventually build up to a terrifying climax. Cloning, Parenthood, mental illness, and the traps of small town life are all covered.

The protagonist- Cilydd’s- situation is devestating and confusing right from the beginning; and the surreality only builds as the text continues, making Cilydd’s life more bizarre and difficult. The story quickly turns from family drama to isolation, and eventually subverted conspiracy. The story goes on to become complex, with unexpected occurances and character developments around every corner.

As a result “The White Trail” is a surprising book, that furthers the Mabinogion tale with plenty of original material. This is the third of Seren’s Mabinogion stories I have read and reviewed, and I have to say that so far it is my favourite.


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