Title: Encyclops
By: seekers of lice
Publisher: if p then q
Published: October 2014


Encyclops is an intriguing trip into false scientific conclusions in an almost foreign language. Like the poet’s name, it manages to be ugly and beautiful at the same time.

The poems in Encyclops have their own special language. It is thick with scientific-sounding words; and other words with twisted meanings that have more to do with onomatopoeia than actual meaning or connotation.

Yet despite this oddly false and disorganised language; the book seems to be desperately trying to communicate with the reader. It’s garbled message is a romance with difficulty and the common human struggle. Political themes such as nuclear war are partially explored, allowing the reader to fill in the gaps. This makes it an incredibly challenging, but also intensely personal read.

In other places the text trips itself up with interruptions like a Caryl Churchill script.

The structure of the collection has underlined titles, followed by a short verse. There are many of these to a two paged spread. This creates the illusion of bitesized poetry; although thematically this probably expresses more about division within a single person or object (such as the book).

Encyclops is an exciting collection, and a key example of everything modern experimental poetry is.



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