during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present

Title: during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present
By: Brandon Scott Gorrell
Published: 2009


Gorrell’s book is like an alt-lit flipchart. It moves amongst themes and styles on a page by page basis; teaching the reader a lesson on each one as it goes. Overall the book is an education in avant-garde literature.

Gorrell’s most frequent theme are the various aspects of depression. As the blurb states, he writes about “anxiety”; “low self-confidence”; and “alienation”. As he writes about these issues alongside self-referential moments about his own life as a poet and copywriter; the book has a quality similar to Knut Hansom’s Hunger. Gorrell looks repeatedly at the unstable and isolated life of the writer.

In places Gorrell writes with the intense rhythm of a rap; yet in other places he tells micro-stories or uses long enjambed lines. Throughout these he disregards traditional grammar. Instead he uses the language of social media to communicate- which is arguably the modern vernacular.

My favourite poem in the book is robosouthamerica and the immense future which looks at how the human race is doomed due to artificial intelligence.


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