Exodus in X Minor

Title: Exodus in X Minor
By: Fox Frazier-Foley
Published: 2014


Exodus in X Minor exists as a hybrid of mystical, highly experimental poetry; and a composition of classical music. The refrains that are also poems sometimes repeat the title of the book as their title; whilst others explore the past lives of a “Fox-haired girl” (presumably referring to an alter-ego of the poet herself- her name is Fox).

Amongst the magical aspects of the poems are highly un-romantic themes. Yet even these themes are explored in the style of the great romantics. For example the poem “For Maddy Learner, Age 6, Accidentally Killed at an Outdoor Firing Range in Upstate New York”. It is a bloody and horrific theme, yet still expressed beautifully. This intense sense of beauty and the darkly beautiful allows Frazier-Foley to look at our world and then create an intricate shadow of it. The world in her poetry relates to ours, yet is also entirely her own.

Frazier-Foley experiments within her poetry. She uses found newspaper headlines as titles. She also carries out experiments in the way she represents the words of her poems on the page. Like a painting, the arrangement of the words are as important as their content. Arranging the words like this allows Frazier-Foley to express the divided nature of her poetic voices.

Exodus in X Minor is vital reading for anyone who appreciates the link between music and poetry. It reminds me a little of Cloud Atlas in that way.


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